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Meagan Cramer Electronic Career Portfolio


Welcome to Meagan Cramer's FBLA Electronic Career Portfolio!


As a current senior at Greenwood High School in Greenwood, Wisconsin, I have demonstrated career readiness throughout high school by my achievements, growth, skills, education and goals, all of which are reflected within my electronic career portfolio. This portfolio depicts a full picture of me and my potential.

CAREER-RELATED EDUCATION - Explains my experience within Future Business Leaders of America within the local and state level and showcases relevant business courses I have taken.

SPECIAL SKILLS - Lists my areas of proficiency that have developed due to my experiences and their relevancy to my intended career. Also included are samples that demonstrate these attained skills.

CAREER SUMMARY - Provides information about my anticipated career as an executive director of a nonprofit organization, including a career description, career duties, educational requirements, job outlook, and salary and advancement opportunities. 

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RESUME - Includes details about my work experience, education, high school involvement, including office positions and awards received, and volunteer work. This also includes a downloadable version of my resume.

EDUCATIONAL ENHANCEMENT - Showcases my selected volunteer work and its relevancy to my intended career and describes my interviews with field professionals.

CONTACT - Offers a simple method of contacting me in regards to my electronic career portfolio and qualifications.

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